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Installing a new XBlock

# Move to the folder where you want to download the XBlock
cd /edx/app/edxapp
# Download the XBlock
sudo -u edxapp git clone https://github.com/xxx/yourXBlock.git
# If not installed: Install the XBlock
sudo -u edxapp /edx/bin/pip.edxapp install yourXBlock/
# Remove the installation files
sudo rm -r yourXBlock


Don’t Use --upgrade to Update Your XBlock, Ever


That’s what I tried, but then I found that --upgrade will messed up your Open edX python dependencies. Why? because it will also upgrade others modules

The main takeaway is that don’t use --upgrade, ever because Open edX might be depend on older versions of modules.

So, how to update your XBlock package? Easy, just update your XBlock version in setup.py

version=‘0.2’, # Update module version here

Then install

sudo -u edxapp /edx/bin/pip.edxapp install yourXBlock/

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