edX默认用户的区别honor, verified, audit, staff

Open edX安装默认有4个用户

staff staff@example.com:edx
honor honor@example.com:edx
verified verified@example.com:edx
audit audit@example.com:edx



Users are automatically enrolled as “honor”. Honor code certificates are free of charge to all students and are available for all except a few specific courses.

An honor code certificate of achievement certifies that you have successfully completed a course, but does not verify your identity (ref).


You’ve verified your identity by using a webcam and an official ID from your country or region.

When you register for a course that offers a verified certificate you will be asked to submit your photo and a photo of an official ID through the use of a webcam. As your course progresses, you may be asked to re-verify your identity (ref).


When you audit a course, or you take a course that doesn’t offer verified certificates, you’ll automatically receive an honor code certificate if you meet the requirements to pass the course.

If you audit a verified certificate course and pass, you will not receive a verified certificate, but you can participate in any or all activities and exams.


Course staff can access additional, optional information when a learner creates their account (such as the level of education completed) to find out more about the learners who enroll in their courses.

Some courses include a wiki, which provides a public forum for both students and course staff to access, share, and collaboratively edit information about the course (ref).


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